Aliens finally made their way in Fortnite. Well, so what? What’s next, what to expect?

Aliens have entered the game, kidnapping players, but at the moment it’s not amazing, at least in the long run.

The aliens in Fortnite showed up tonight. They kidnap players, throwing them to another place. It’s an interesting addition, but it definitely didn’t change Fortnite as much as everyone expected.

Mainly because the whole alien thing comes down to a beam of light, kidnapping, and leaving people in a different place. There are no changes to the map or new storyline, just a regular addition to the game.

This is just the beginning

At the moment, players say that it is something new and interesting, but they expected a bit more. It turns out that this may just be the beginning of this whole story. Epic has only 6 days left until the end of the season, so we will have a very interesting ending.

This is indicated by Tabor Hill, responsible for the loudest leaks in the history of the game. It was on his channel that the details predicted several new products that nobody knew about.

Now, in a comment section of his video, he writes:

And this is an incredibly interesting thread. It seems that these kidnappings are nothing to what is going to happen soon. It is hard to imagine what the great alien ship will do, but it will definitely be important for the fate of the island.

The space theme in Fortnite is incredibly interesting, but at the moment there is no information about whether and how it will affect the next, 7th season of chapter 2.