Aliens will appear in Fortnite, this could be a new theme for Season 7. What is known about this?

A year ago, we would have assumed that leakers are imagining things, but today everything is possible.

This update is getting really interesting. The files contain references to something that, after the description alone, would be difficult to interpret:

  • Phosphorus,
  • Warm-up,
  • Laser,
  • Rez out and in
  • Player’s heart rate,
  • Warning.

Does this tell you something? Nothing theoretically. However, it makes more and more sense when you look at the icon next to these descriptions:

Aliens in Fortnite

The fact that aliens will play a role in Fortnite seems certain. It is not known whether we are talking about the 7th season here or maybe some temporary mode. However, the icon certainly matches this animation:

These are nothing but alien abduction animations and dragging characters onto the ship. In addition, the leaks include the following sounds:

How to interpret it? At the moment, it is not known what exactly is going on. There are no alien skins, but so far there have been only some not-so-understandable dialogues and a lot of clues. This topic will surely be discussed in the coming hours.