All Fortnite changes for the second Wild Week – Fish Fiesta

The next Wild Week will be marked by fish.

Wild Weeks is Epic’s new way to keep gameplay fresh. As a result, something new is introduced every week, more specifically a new theme. The previous week was inspired by fire, the coming water, and most of all by fishing.

“Starting now for one full week, fish (as well as submerged weapons) are hooked on the thrill of being caught. In this Fish Fiesta, fishing spots will persist longer AND harbor rare fish more often. Weapons found from fishing spots will only be of the Rare rarity or above. To boot, Pro Fishing Rods have become more plentiful.”

What changes?

Epic describes everything in a general way, so it will be:

  • More fish
  • Greater chance of catching something interesting
  • Greater chance of a fishing spot to appear
  • More frequent rarer fish
  • Rarer items (rare +)

The Fish Fiesta will remain afloat until 10 AM ET, May 20, when the next Wild Week will begin. Expect the next one on June 3rd.