All the secret changes to the Fortnite map after the new update you didn’t know about

The map in Fortnite has really changed, although most of the changes are not visible at first glance.

It is rather hard to expect that the update just before the new season will include any tremendous amount of map changes. It is known that the biggest turbulences around the island take place right after the start of the new season.

And it will probably be the case this time as well. This, however, does not mean that nothing has changed. You would never notice, but the famous shrinking chair instead of getting smaller again… It has grown. It’s hard to say why Epic changed its mind, but it is likely to return to normal size next season.

All changes to the Fortnite map

What else has changed? The “Slurpy Swamp” is now the “Slugdy Swamp”. The factory has no way to function anymore.

You can clearly see that the islanders are arming themselves. In some places, additional security measures for buildings were created.

Slone and IO’s rangers have come to the surface and are wandering around the farm. Of course, this has to do with the plot and the plan to destroy the mothership.

Zyg & Choppy is walking on the bridge near Retail Row. He clearly helps aliens spread.

The Coral Castle is deserted. There is no one there anymore.

What’s next? Soon a countdown will appear above the map (potentially September 3), then everyone will just wait for the event.