Another alien weapon is coming to Fortnite with unique features and capabilities

Another interesting weapon was discovered in Fortnite files that may soon be introduced to the game.

Despite the fact that Epic still does not release an update, leakers are not idle. As a result, it was possible to extract quite a lot of information about the alien weapons coming to Fortnite. This one will have unique features.

Its main function will be to pick up and change “props”. Yes, this is to officially enter Battle Royale mode, but you need to be prepared for a few difficulties with using this weapon.

What is known about the new weapon?

As the name suggests, “Alien Prop Gun” will allow you to pick up props, but in Battle Royale mode. The weapon has its own cooldown and a special button to change the position of the prop.

However, not to be too easy, the item will inform nearby enemies about our position – probably not very accurate, but more indicative.

You can also expect Epic to introduce some prop size limit so that hiding with props won’t be too easy. Of course, the release date remains unknown at the moment.