Another Fortnite leak point for Season 8 and Chapter 3 is confirmed. What this time?

Leakers are pretty sure one of the recent leaks was real. Another “evidence” has just appeared.

A month ago, we published a leak that revealed a lot of information about Fortnite Season 8 and Chapter 3. Of course, hardly anyone believes in such leaks, but as the leakers themselves point out, everything works out in turn.

Let us remind you that so far:

  • There was a concert.
  • Suicide Squad members are to enter the game, of which BloodSport is already in Fortnite.
  • The cube motif is back (during the concert).

What is being confirmed now?

Another point that can be slowly confirmed is monsters. HYPEX informs that the files contain references to several monsters, or rather items that are supposed to fall out of them. There will be four “tiers” in total:

  • Gray,
  • Blue,
  • Purple / Legendary,
  • “Jumpscare” – a situation intended to scare the player.

HYPEX itself included a leak about monsters in its entry. The names match, and so do the files, so it seems that the “The Sideways” theme is actually going to appear in Fortnite.

Of course, we’re talking about Halloween. So we will have to wait a long time for the official confirmation.