Another free bundle is headed to Fortnite? The more challenges, the more golden the skins

A new challenge pack is coming to Fortnite where players will be unlocking gold items.

The Street Shadows Challenge Pack was actually free. So there is a chance that this will also be the case. However, this is not confirmed, so we can as well talk here about a paid set with additional challenges.

Fortnite Street Shadows Challenge Pack

Either way, leakers are sure Fortnite is getting a new set of challenges with the golden color as the main theme.

A new set of challenges

It is known that the set is to contain challenges. The more challenges you do, the more golden the skins will be. Initially, it was speculated that it was a summer version of Midas, but it turned out to be something completely different

Details are not known yet, players will probably find out everything in the next few days. Interestingly, completing all challenges will probably unlock a special slider for setting the “gold” level that is to be found in the skin.

  • A package of challenges is coming to Fortnite, it is not known if it will be free
  • The more challenges, the more golden the skins get
  • Completing all challenges will unlock the slider

The dates and the contents of the package have yet to be announced anywhere, and all information at the moment is based on leaks.