Another free item is heading to Fortnite, this time for playing Creative Mode

We got to know another item that will appear in Fortnite completely for free.

Epic has been taking a big hit lately when it comes to free cosmetic items. Unfortunately, this time it is nothing amazing in the form of a skin. Everything is related to the cooperation between Fortnite and NBA.

As part of a special periodic mode: NBA – Crossover: Court Crashers, the banner can be unlocked. Anyone can complete the Crossover Challenge to unlock XP and the Basketball Hoop Banner.

NBA Limited Time Mode award

As we read in the official announcement:

“Complete The Crossover quest by playing the Court Crashers LTM and visiting the NBA Welcome Hub. You will score XP as you complete each challenge and unlock a Basketball Hoop Banner as the final reward!”

Banners evoke practically no emotion, so it’s no wonder Epic doesn’t even communicate much about it. You have until June 1, 2021, to complete the challenges. If you care about experience points, it’s worth a try. Otherwise, well…

In addition, there will also be clips with the best action of this NBA season. This is the schedule:

While exploring the Hub, you’ll be surrounded by clips covering this season’s best highlights. With the 2021 NBA Playoffs underway, celebrate dunks, dimes, buzzer beaters, and the best plays of the regular season, as Fortnite brings video into Creative Mode for the first time ever. A new NBA highlight reel will be showcased in the Hub each day:

  • May 25 – Top Plays of the Season
  • May 26 – Dazzling Dunks
  • May 27 – Crossovers & Handles
  • May 28 – Clutch Plays
  • May 29 – Top Rejections
  • May 30 – Top Dimes
  • May 31 – Top Plays of the Season (Encore)

As a reminder, in addition to all that’s new in Creative Mode, this week’s store includes Locker bundles, personally selected by NBA players Donovan Mitchell and Trae Young.