Back to Fortnite jump pads. The third Wild Week is starting, accompanied by mistakes

Epic Store is struggling with smaller and bigger problems these days. All because of the sale and of course the free Fortnite skin.

Assisted by various bugs, another Wild Week has come to Fortnite. Epic announces that it is working on resolving all the ills plaguing Epic Store, so as soon as the client is fully recovered, you can have fun in the third, Wild Week.

And what awaits the players this time? First of all, shockwave grenades, the occurrence of hop floppers, and mechanical bows have also been increased.

Third Wild Week in Fortnite

As we read in the official announcement:

“Live in-game now, Bouncing off the Walls defies the laws of physics for one full week. Weaken gravity’s impact on you with the more frequent Hop Floppers, and send your opponents (or your team!) flying with the more numerous Shockwave Grenades and Shockwave Bows. Also, yes: Bouncers are unvaulted!”

Already, players are betting that this week is really a test of whether Fortnite needs more mobility. And there may be something to it, although it is not really about the 7th season – this one is fully ready and tested.

Epic is currently testing update 17.10, so developers are ahead of the players. Returning to Wild Week, this one will last until May 27, 2021, when there will be a short break in Wild Weeks. The last Wild Week of Season 6 in Chapter 2 will begin on June 3.