Comparing the map from the previous Fortnite chapter and the current one shows something disturbing

Although the players are satisfied with the current season, they pay attention to the island and the changes introduced on it.

At some point, Epic slowed down significantly when it comes to map changes. The seasons are innovative, adding a hefty boost of freshness, but the island… is basically still similar. For several months now, players have been fighting for a royal victory in similar locations.

Is this normal with Fortnite? Definitely not, at least considering the first chapter. And there is a lot to say about it, but it is best shown by a direct comparison of the first and second chapters.

First chapter vs second chapter and seventh season

One Reddit user with the nickname “duskyxlops” made a simple comparison of how the map changed from Season 1 to Season 7 of Chapter One. Sure, Fortnite’s very beginnings were pretty mediocre when it comes to the island, but you can see a lot of progress here.

We go into the second season and compare the same, from the first to the seventh season. Here you can see that there are changes, but…

Of course, the first chapter was something completely new and Epic was just learning to make interesting islands, but now it seems the changes are quite small compared to what has been done in the past.

At the moment, we know at least a few changes to the spots that are to appear. Let us recall:

The only question is whether it is enough. The new biome in the center of the island will definitely add some freshness, but it’s hard to say whether it will give the island a completely new character, as did the biomes in the first chapter.