Countdown to the next Fortnite event. This is what it will look like – what to expect?

This season is sure to be a bigger or smaller “live” event, and this is the final confirmation of this.

Live events have greatly influenced Fortnite’s popularity. It was during live events that players broke new records in the number of people online. Now everything indicates that this season players will have the opportunity to experience another event.

Leakers were able to show what the countdown to the island event will look like, but also in the game menu.

Countdown in the menu

At the moment, it is not known yet what the event will be. According to unconfirmed leaks, a mysterious queen is expected to play a big role at the end of the season. However, it is difficult to say anything about her – she is a character that no one has heard of before.

When to expect an event? Probably not in the upcoming days or weeks. It is puzzling, however, that we saw the countdown in update 17.10. Perhaps Epic is up to something in the middle of the season that will affect its further course? So far, these are only speculations that have not been confirmed.