Crazy Epic’s Idea. Little creatures will be introduced to Fortnite and they will attack you

The fact that this season has yet to reveal it all is reasonably clear. But these creatures…

Epic will surely start introducing more prepared weapons soon. In addition to them, the files also contain information about something much stranger than, for example, a gravity weapon.

According to trusted leakers, small creatures will appear on the map, chasing players and attacking them. Interestingly, they also have their positive sides. How does it work and for what purpose will it be introduced?

Little creatures in Fortnite

For now, they are called “parasites”. They look like this:

These creatures have several different characteristics. So they will not necessarily only be disturbing. As we read from popular leakers:

  • They are to be stacked in pairs.
  • They spawn in special eggs to be found on the map.
  • They attack the character’s head, taking 30 health points.
  • During their “head-on”, the player moves faster, his jumps are higher.
  • You can get rid of the creatures by entering water, fire, or by taking damage.

Below you can listen to the sounds of taking damage, chasing players, or eliminating creatures.

It will definitely be one of the stranger things ever to hit Fortnite. On the other hand, it’s not that stupid at all, it gives you mobility in exchange for health points.