Data straight from matches shows the most popular skins currently used by Fortnite players

Players analyze hundreds of thousands of matches to identify the skins used in them.

This is another time when such a list has been prepared. This one is definitely the most recent because it contains data including update 17.30, which is one cycle back. Thanks to this, it is known which skins players use by far the most.

Of course, it’s important to remember that this is an analysis of only a certain percentage of all matches, and while it’s the most accurate breakdown it could be, it still doesn’t reflect the entire spectrum of Fortnite players.

Which skins were the most popular in update 17.30?

10 – Joey.

9 – Ariana Grande

8 – Kymera

7 – Ruby Shadows

6 – Guggimon

5 – Doctor Slone

4 – Sunny

3 – Aura

2 – Rick Sanchez

1 – Clark Kent

If you were curious, this is what the TOP 30 looks like: