Description of the 16.30 update from Epic. New bow, new features and more.

As predicted, a new update is coming to Fortnite, marked as 16.30.

The maintenance break will begin as usual, while matchmaking will be turned off half an hour before. This is perfectly normal practice and does not indicate that the update is taking longer than usual.

Epic has been providing “small” update descriptions for some time, which we obviously need to expand later, but they give an overview of what will be introduced.

Introductory description of update 16.30

Therefore, it should be considered that these are preliminary descriptions that can be much larger. Today will appear:

  • New exotic bow on the island
  • Keep your head down, the new Limited Time Mode is coming this weekend!
  • All other weapons will be added to Creative Mode.

The new bow is a sure thing, which shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. You can see that, according to the developers, it will be today’s main novelty. Epic also introduces improvements when it comes to equipment:

  • Hold the Inventory button with an upgradeable/inventive item in hand to go straight to the Invention tab. No more navigating the menus during the shootout!
  • Item Inspection will now display exact numerical values for stats such as damage or rate of fire.