Donald Mustard has unveiled a surprising character who is said to be incredibly important to Fortnite’s storyline

The weekend in Fortnite was mainly marked by new leaks. Although there was actually one tip from Epic as well.

Donald Mustard on his Instagram, talking about the next part of the comic, revealed that the story in Fortnite is currently planned not for one or two seasons, but for years. This means that it will still be an important part of the entire game.

Interestingly, Mustard also mentioned an important figure that is underappreciated. It will have a big impact on the fate of Fortnite and the island. Who are we talking about?

Singularity, anyone remembers it?

Epic is talking about the Singularity here, one of the characters associated primarily with the Season 9 event. According to what we hear, she will be very important.

As we can all see, Epic has a plan. So far, it is not known yet, but the developers are certainly doing their best to keep the plot as understandable as possible. Of course, most players have long since not understood any of it and it’s hardly surprising. At some point, the creators mixed up so much that no one knew what it was about.

Now, there are also tons of questions, but at least there’s the loop, which is the main theme around which everything is going. Everyone knows what the zero point is, what is currently happening with Batman, etc.