Early description of Fortnite update 16.50 from Epic. The return of the “favorite weapon”, break from 4 AM. EST

As expected, there will be a new update tomorrow morning.

It was rather obvious that there would be a new update tomorrow. This one has been marked as 16.50 and is also the last patch that will be released this season. The next update is already 17.00, bringing the S7.

Epic has already shared a description for the upcoming update, not revealing much. This time there is really little detail here.

What did Epic reveal?

Basically, everything focused on three points, only one of which is interesting:

  • Favorite Community Weapon returns from the treasury to the playing field.
  • Explore and manage larger spaces in Creative Mode.
  • Spend your Gold bars during the next Wild Week starting June 3!

Unfortunately, there are no details here. We read about the favorite weapon of the community, but it is completely unknown which one it is about. In addition, there is information about the creative mode and the next week.

Until tomorrow, we have to wait. Matchmaking will be turned off 30 minutes before the update. The files should start downloading either at 4 AM EST or a few minutes after. Recently, the PC has been having a little “hiccup”, so expect a slight slump. And that’s it, we’ll start with cosmetic items, maybe maps, and then publish leaks on a regular basis.