Easter egg in the 7th season of Fortnite, which few know about. When you draw items from vending machines, you can drop …

Epic loves all sorts of easter eggs, so Season 7 has some of them.

Fortnite season 7 again brought a significant refreshment in terms of available items and mechanics. Interestingly, Epic added something to some of these mechanics. Gamers especially liked the easter egg with vending machines.

It turns out that from them you can get something other than weapons or items to heal yourself. However, you have to use them several times.

What drops from vending machines after several times?

The reworked machines have a special feature that you can safely call an easter egg. After a few uses, you have a chance that you will get.. a chicken.

It’s not something that changes the gameplay amazingly, but it’s still good to know about it. Chickens give a lot of mobility and as you can see, you don’t have to run after them all over the map.

It’s hard to say what the chances are that you’ll get a chicken from a vending machine. Epic does not provide any official statistics or conversion factors.