Electricity will be introduced to Fortnite. How is it supposed to work, what is it about?

According to the latest leaks, Epic is working on a new mechanic that would be added to Fortnite.

Epic is still dynamically developing Fortnite, the latest leaks suggest that electricity will also appear next to water and fire. It is difficult to say when exactly, but it may be a plan for the next months or seasons.

Electricity would act like fire, spreading and damaging players. It would only affect the elements carrying electricity, which are mainly metal structures. According to preliminary information, this has nothing to do with the old traps.

Electricity in Fortnite

This is not something we have never heard of before. However, there were already signs on the map that something like this might be introduced someday.

At that time we did not have any reasonable confirmation of the theory that the topic of electricity would be developed in some way. Of course, it is still unknown how the electricity would be generated.

The most likely is the introduction of some special item or another mechanic. However, nothing has been discovered yet.