Epic hasn’t given up on animals in Fortnite that you can ride on

Leakers are convinced that Fortnite with various animals is not over yet.

It seemed that the theme of “riding” on animals was not going to be continued. Meanwhile, leakers reveal that Epic is working on more wild animals for players to ride.

Very little is known about it, basically, all information is limited to two things. The fact that the animals will appear again and that they may appear both this and next season.

The animals will be there, but not now

The animals that Epic is currently working on are at a very early stage of development. It just means that they haven’t even got a code name yet. There are just folders and files that resemble animals.

So it is possible that we are talking here about horses and even sharks. So far, all this is just leaks. However, if you liked the theme of animals playing the role of a vehicle, you will still have the opportunity to ride on something.

This, too, may somehow connect with the recently restored Hunter’s Cloak. After all, it was crucial for dinosaurs.