Epic is removing these three items from Fortnite because they were too good in the hands of the best players

Epic announced its decision about the change during the night.

Developers continue to separate the competitive modes from those that are played more casually. Therefore, a message appeared at night about the next changes that are being introduced to the world of competitive gaming.

Typically, three items disappear from the “playlists” for competition, which, according to the developers, are too strong in the hands of the best players. As a result, they disturb the balance and have a negative impact on, for example, tournaments.

What was removed?

First of all, one of the bows is removed, specifically the explosive one. In addition, you will no longer be able to find a rocket launcher or a cuddlefish.

There is a chance that this is not the end of these types of changes, but Epic has not announced anything specific yet.