Epic made a mistake, as a result of which you can return this Fortnite skin without using the refund tokens

It can be done for a few days, but this information somehow completely passed unnoticed.

In the maze of all other announcements, players completely missed the fact that it is now possible to return one of the skins completely without using the refund tokens. All because the skin “has changed”.

In fact, the skin has probably not been changed in any way, and the reason why Epic made this decision is because of the inadequate promotion of the skin.

Astro for return

It’s about the “Astro” skin. It appeared in the store a long time ago, but only now the biggest creators realized that it is indeed available for return. So what is this about?

A direct comparison shows that practically nothing has changed. Even so, Epic says it has made some changes and anyone not happy with it can now return this skin.

So what is this all about? The studio mistakenly promoted this cosmetic item, implying that it also includes a red style. However, this is completely absent in Fortnite.

In case you missed it, you can go to the shopping list and return this skin for free until July 8, and get your V-Bucks back in the process.

If you’ve been missing V-Bucks and you’re not too happy with this skin, you can return it for less than a month.