Epic officially disabled these skins in Fortnite. They turned out to be “too strong” for the competitive modes

Again, these skins aroused so much emotion, Epic felt they should be disabled in competitive mode.

Superhero skins, because we are talking about them here, arouse a lot of different emotions. Some people love them, others just the opposite. From the moment of their premiere in the community, there is a discussion about their complete removal or “nerfing”.

It has been reported tonight that these skins are being excluded from competitive modes. Interestingly, no specific reason was given.

What could be causing the shutdown?

It’s probably not the bugs at all, but the very characteristics of these skins – they’re just too strong. It’s only a theory so far, but these skins haven’t had any critical bugs lately.

Now, very important questions arise:

  • Will the skins be changed?
  • Will it be possible to return them after the changes?

If Epic somehow changes the entire kit again, you will likely have an option to return it. So far, however, the potential nerfing of the skins is completely unknown.