Epic provides the official trailer for the upcoming Neymar skin for Fortnite. What is known from it?

Epic has added a new preview of the upcoming skin.

The Neymar skin, which will appear in Fortnite on April 27, arouses great emotions. Not only among football fans but also among regular Battle Royale players. The community is clearly divided between those who are happy and those who completely don’t understand what Neymar has to do with “wild” – the current theme for Season 6.

Anyway, Epic is officially promoting a “secret skin” that hasn’t been a secret at all for the past few seasons. The only unknown is its appearance. Epic itself predicted the rest.

Fortnite Neymar trailer

What is the result of the new announcement? Of course, the final look is not shown, but individual frames suggest that you should expect an outfit in the following colors: yellow, green, blue. Rather, it goes without saying why.

The skin will be unveiled on April 27. There is probably no chance that a leak will appear sooner. The skin is simply not in the files and will be added in the update marked as 16.30. And this one will most likely take place on … Tuesday, that is on April 27.