Epic suddenly disabled two backpacks in Fortnite. Players were visible throughout the entire map

Epic at night decided to turn off two backpacks. If you have them, you can’t use them right now

Disabling items is the final solution to a sudden problem. Epic does so very rarely, but it does happen sometimes. If you have one of these two backpacks, you will see a padlock in the locker:

The reason for disabling these backpacks has not been confirmed, but players have figured out for themselves why Epic took such a step.

Why are these backpacks turned off?

Backpacks are:

  • Diamond Grid,
  • Heart Grid.

The immediate cause of their deactivation was bugged VFX that made the player a flashing target that everyone could see from very far.

As always in such situations, the question of possible compensation arises. This one may or may not appear. It all depends on how long these backpacks will be disabled and whether Epic decides to change them in some way – in the event of changes, it is possible that there will be a return option, but nothing in this topic has been confirmed yet.