Epic will finally introduce full-fledged profiles with the ability to display games, friends, achievements

The gaming industry has repeatedly said that the Epic Store lacks basic features that would really come in handy.

Unfortunately, it is not known when Epic will release these news, but it is expected to be very soon. Until now, full-fledged profiles were in the “Future Development” section. Epic updated the status on Trello to “Up Next”.

This means that we are probably talking about the next weeks or months here. Players will finally be able to “brag” about their games etc.

Epic Store Profiles Coming Soon

The profiles are actually ready, they only require final corrections and initial tests on a larger scale. It will definitely be an element that will tempt more people to actually use the Epic Store.

It can be guessed that therefore additional achievements will appear in Fortnite itself, which can then be displayed on your profiles. So far, however, nothing in this topic is confirmed, of course, except that Epic is working on the development of the launcher itself and the functions related to it.