Epic will reuse the flying island theme? The players chose a place for this

Among the Fortnite community, the theory about the return of the theme from the first chapter has become very popular.

At the moment, this information is only theoretical, so it’s hard to even talk about leaks. Its basis at this point is one of the posters that may refer to the first chapter, and may also predict future changes on the map.

The poster shows the kidnapping of the island by a UFO. Now the question is, is this something that we are yet to see, or is it a reference to what is already in the “mother ship”?

Flying Island back in Fortnite?

Leakers are pretty sure that this is about Sweaty Sands since the poster is located at a gas station next to this location. However, it is difficult to say whether we are really talking about tearing out the entire location.

The theory makes sense, but it is worth remembering that even at this point in the great UFO there are such islands. Perhaps it was about them, not about additional changes to a specific Fortnite location.

Everything is possible now. Since we’ve reached the point where aliens have appeared in Fortnite, Epic is already implementing even the strangest ideas.