“First Shadows” is officially the new, unusual Fortnite Crew. The crew was revealed for the next 3 months

The leak was 100% true, so others may be true as well. Epic did announce a package called “First Shadows”.

Since this leak has proven itself, the others are probably also true. Just a few hours ago, we wrote about the next Crew name, and now we have official news from Epic.

First Shadows is an unusual bundle containing three allies “united by a genius who saw their potential.” What do you need to know about it?

Three skins for three months

September’s Crew Pack brings The Burning Wolf, Midas’ first enforcer. October’s Crew Pack then brings Chaos Origins, Midas’ first redeemed. And finally November’s Crew Pack brings Sierra, Midas’ first pardoned. As usual, each Crew Pack arrives at approx. 8 PM EDT / 7 PM EST on the eve of the new month.

Of course, everyone is most interested in the appearance:

But that’s not all. Epic officially announces that collecting all three skins, i.e. paying the Crew for 3 months, will give players an additional style for each character.