Fortnite Coral Castle change that no one would complain about. It could look like this

It is already known that Coral Castle will soon be changed/destroyed. The players have an idea about it.

According to the Fortnite community, Coral Castle has great potential to become a very interesting place. As we read, you don’t need to make it one big crater to make it anyway interesting.

You can even rebuild it into a typical holiday location. Sounds like another boring concept with rearranged spots, but no. This time, the players really did their best.

What could Coral Castle look like in Fortnite? created a concept of what this location could look like:

Of course, this is a cut and pasted element from a water park, but something like this could really work. A separate “island” with various attractions – a bit like the Royal Party – or at least that’s what everyone imagined when it comes to a map with a whole lot of elements.

Concepts are rarely popular unless they are somehow funny or “memic”. Nearly everyone liked this one. You can see that Coral Castle could easily look like this.