Fortnite globally down. Problems with logging-in and disconnecting in Epic Games

Epic Games has global problems, resulting in the temporary unavailability of Fortnite.

With no warning signs at all, Fortnite stopped working. However, the issue is not only connected with the game but the Epic Games in general. Attempting to log in shows the error “Invalid Client”.

As a result, it is impossible to log in at the moment. So if you’re playing Fortnite, don’t try to quit the game. The technical problems have been going on for several minutes. It’s worth mentioning that this has nothing to do with any update. People who have not turned on the game today will be able to download the update – these, however, are not related to the crash.

Fortnite stopped working

There is no rule in such cases. Login issues may continue for several hours and may also be resolved after a few minutes. At the same time, it should be remembered that in different regions of the world it may work differently.

All because it is about specific servers. If you find those that work, you can log in without any problems. With these crashes, however, people try to log in, they fail, so they try again while overloading the servers. For this reason, however, it is worth waiting a while longer until the situation is brought under control.​