Fortnite is not working. Technical problems prevent logging in. The players were kicked out

Fortnite has stopped working. The reason for this is not known yet.

A few minutes ago, players started reporting that they were being kicked out of matches. After a few minutes, it is already known that the problem is serious. For some reason, the servers just froze.

Players cannot log in, let alone join the match. Of course, this does not apply to everyone. Some lucky players are normally able to play despite problems. However, it’s hard to find anyone in matchmaking.

Epic comments on the issues

Epic already knows about the problems – there is a message on the official profile about problems related to Fortnite, but also other games. So it is very possible that it is something more serious.

At the moment, it is difficult to speculate how long these technical problems may take. Typically, Epic dealt with such situations within a few or a dozen minutes. Currently, it is difficult to talk about any compensation, probably everything will return to normal in some time.