Fortnite players gain an advantage over their opponents. Epic was going to say it was allowed, but…

Recently, a very popular topic among the better players is something called “REWASD”. What is it, how does it work and can it be used?

Certainly, some people know very well that you can see a bit more on the pad. This can be seen especially when running straight and rotating the camera.

Over time, gamers have created software that emulates the keyboard in such a way that Fortnite sees it as a controller. Yes, it works, and more and more people are using it, but there’s a catch.

What do Epic Games think about it?

“Codelife” recorded a comparison of what it looks like on his channel. He dealt with the matter a bit more.

He also showed a clip from the channel of a player known as Benjyfishy, which indicates that Epic is about to comment on it and apparently it is allowed at the moment.

This, however, is nothing confirmed. This is definitely getting an advantage over other players who play the keyboard. So it’s worth waiting for the Epic Games stand before downloading “REWASD”.