Fortnite players laugh that after a year someone finally took care of it, the speed of Epic in all glory

A year ago, the Fortnite map went under water. Only after several months, someone started cleaning it.

Epic loved making little changes to the island in the early seasons. We had several major and minor stories, be it with a man made of pipes, bears, or gnomes.

Currently, these changes are practically unnoticeable, although in fact – UFOs in some way destroy entire locations, causing real chaos. However, gamers would like to see a few such themes.

After a year, cleaning began

Let us remind you that a year ago, the entire Fortnite map was flooded, including, for example, Steamy Stacks.

A Reddit user with the nickname “SweetSoulCandy” jokingly comments that a year after the sinking, Epic felt it was time to start cleaning. For example, there are cleaning products next to the security booth.

“Someone finally gets down to cleaning the seaweed from the stacks’ security. More than a year later.” – we read on Reddit.

In fact, better late, than never. Probably the full cleaning of the map, or its destruction, will take place in the 8th season.