Fortnite Revolution: Return of the electric trap, Marauders, shadows when eliminated and more

It seems that Epic is preparing a lot of news for the end of this season.

Daybreak is the mode we wrote about a few weeks ago. Let us remind you that it was supposed to be a combination of Minecraft and Fortnite in a way. Seed maps, great variety and freedom of gameplay etc.

This mode may be one of the most important and at the same time the most interesting that appeared in the game. Leakers reveal that it will contain a lot of interesting stuff, both from the past and completely new.

What’s new about this?

We have known for several hours that this mode will restore some old items. Among other things, an electric trap from the absolute origins of Fortnite. This one was available in Battle Royale, but it is known primarily by RW players.

Marauders will reappear on the map, of course only in “Daybreak” mode. Also helicopters – they are supposed to return.

The mode will also receive special cosmetic items in the form of dedicated emotes. What’s more, there will be new POIs, and according to leaks, it is supposed to be some kind of tower.

To this, you also need to add items to pick up. It all looks like it’s going to be a better, more interesting Battle Royale.

Some of the novelties, however, will surely not be liked by the players. It’s about turning into shadows when eliminated – that is going to come up as well.

The mode will be available for squads, but it is not known when. There is a lot of information about it and all of them are really exciting. Multiple items return, mechanics, different maps, no repetition – sounds like a new Battle Royale level. The sounds from “Daybreak” also sound… Interesting:

What will come out of all this is unknown. It may only be a side project, or it may actually be a revolution – it’s hard to say at the moment. However, there is a chance that this squad mode will be something for Season 7 that will revolutionize the game. Of course, this is only a guess at this stage, but there has never been a mode that is so big, so full of changes and new elements.