Fortnite Update 17.10 is coming tomorrow. Technical break from 3:30 AM EDT

As predicted, the 17.10 update will take place tomorrow.

It was practically certain that the update would be released tomorrow. Everyone was waiting for the final confirmation of the hour, but it was also a certainty. What is known about the update? For sure there will be a 2-week event waiting for us at 9 AM EDT and this is definitely the main news.

All prizes etc. they should appear before 9 AM EDT, which is the time of the start of cosmic summer.

New Fortnite Update 17.10

Most of you will probably be at school, but everything will be done normally on Mixrod. There may be no news in the morning, but the first leaks will appear at 3:30 AM, that is:

  • Cosmetic items,
  • Possible changes to the map,
  • New items,
  • etc.