Fortnite update 17.50 description. Map changes, Wild Week, epic quests

Epic has made the official description available again, but it requires a few words to be added about it.

In this update, there is an opportunity to get free items as part of the mini-event – “Friendship Frenzy”. You can read more about it here – CLICK

Third Wild Week

As for the official description of the next Wild Week:

Starting this Thursday at 10 AM ET (don’t ask how we know the specifics), Alien and IO tech will be easier to find than ever. In fact, Abductors will ONLY carry the Kymera Ray Gun, Grab-itron, Prop-ifier, and Alien Nanites. Likewise, IO Chests will ONLY give the Pulse Rifle, Rail Gun, Plasma Cannon, and Inflate-A-Bull.

The Aliens and IO actually produced so much stuff that they’re running out of space. As a result, you’ll find the Kymera Ray Gun, Pulse Rifle, and Rail Gun even in normal Chests now.

While you’re using a bunch of Alien and IO weapons, earn XP in the process! This week will have two Legendary Quest chains: one for dealing damage with Alien weapons and one with IO weapons. Choose either one — or go for both!

A new way to discover games

If you’ve already opened the game after v17.50’s release, you probably noticed the playlist menu looks a lot different! With v17.50, we launched a new and improved way to discover games and experiences in Fortnite. Jumping into classics like Solo, Duos, and Squads is as simple as ever, but discovering other games or experiences that suit your tastes — whether made by Epic or the community — has never been easier.

Map changes

Standard official description:

“Slurpy Swamp’s been abducted, Coral Castle’s been abducted, and soon the Mothership will be moving to its third target. The next POI abduction of the Invasion awaits…”

Of course, it is about the Corny Complex.

What else?

  • We’ve reduced the number of Epic Quests needed to unlock Superman’s additional rewards.
    • Previous: 63 / 68 / 73 / 78 / 84 Quests
    • New: 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 Quests
  • Please note that the High Tech Hijinks Wild Week will not apply to competitive playlists.

There are a lot of major and minor leaks, but so far no details about the event itself.