Fortnite will cooperate with a “dead game”, which is the most wasted potential of recent years

Leakers are sure that Fortnite will soon establish cooperation with a game that was recently a hit, and which hardly anyone remembers today.

This collaboration should not surprise anyone. It’s about Among Us. Yes, the game is considered dead at the moment, but things may change. Especially since InnerSloth is working on the 5th map.

Epic has already made Among Us available for free in their store, so all that’s left to do is finalize everything. The files contain references to specific locations or game elements. We have an Impostor, Electrician, or sabotages.

Among Us and Fortnite

It’s too early to talk about skins or a spot, but there’s definitely something up ahead. This is mentioned by the largest leakers, including HYPEX:

Players are betting that it’s not about skins. Maybe it will be a map in Creative Mode that mirrors Among Us, or maybe it will be a spot with various elements from Among.

At this point, literally, anything is possible. The date of establishing cooperation is also unknown, but it can be suspected that we are talking here about combining the release of the next map in Among Us with cooperation in Fortnite.