Free skin and its items for Fortnite can be picked up not only on PC. How to do it?

It turns out that, although the skin is theoretically designed for PC, players can easily pick it up on the console or phones.

The set of challenges for which you can get the skin and its cosmetic items is theoretically intended for personal computers. However, as it happens in such cases, it was possible to pick it up while playing on the console or Android devices.

The method does not require any additional knowledge, it is simply selecting a specific link that goes straight to the order summary.

Receiving a package only for PC

Players realized that they could generate a specific link to collect the entire package. It actually works anywhere, on consoles as well as on mobile devices. This means that this is no longer a PC-only skin – players on other platforms also have it. The method is very popular, so there is no point in making a secret of it.

The link itself is:

After entering it, our order is loaded. Finally, we are transferred to the order summary screen.

Importantly, however, the link itself has limitations related to the number of entries. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t (at the moment, 2:02 am EDT everything works, although it didn’t 15 minutes ago). If you see an error, you will have to wait.