Free style for all Fortnite players who have purchased this skin

One of the styles that appeared in players’ lockers without texture was clarified.

Recall that a few weeks ago, a strange, all-white style appeared in players’ lockers. Everyone wondered what exactly was going on with it and the matter has just been cleared up. During today’s update, everyone who had one of the skins got the style for free.

You don’t have to complete any challenges, you don’t need to buy anything extra. You just need to log into your account.

Update 16.50 at a glance:

Free Fortnite Style

Cuks is intended for people who had Tsuki skin. It turns out that the new style presents a human version of it.

How do you get this style if you don’t have a skin? Just buy it the next time it appears in the store. It will normally be available with this style.