Glitch allows you to switch weapons in Fortnite without animation. Instant change

Fortnite players have found another bug that is even better than double shotguns.

Fortnite, due to the multitude of different mechanics, also has many bugs. Some of them are not dangerous, others greatly affect the gameplay. This time around, the community found an easy way to skip the weapon switch animations.

It is dangerous because it obviously allows you to gain an advantage over your opponent. As a standard, we remind you that the use of this type of error may end up with unpleasant consequences.

Switch weapons without animation

The error was presented, among others, by “GKI”, from his film we learn that the method is very easy to make, and the effect may surprise you.

It is possible that this will have some consequences such as disabling teleportation, or possibly UFOs. However, nothing on this topic has been confirmed at the moment.