How did Neymar react to his own Fortnite skin, and what exactly does he tells players?

Neymar knew perfectly well that in Fortnite it would be possible to unlock his skin and various cosmetic items. How did the footballer react to seeing his skin?

Anyone can now get Nyemar’s skin and cosmetic items. For this, of course, you must have purchased a pass and complete individual challenges. However, few people saw the player’s reaction to receiving his own skin.

Neymar turned on the official skin trailer a few days ago and said a few words to the players themselves. Most of them don’t speak Brazilian, of course, so they had no idea what Neymar really had to say.

The player’s reaction to his skin

There was no laugh or great joy, as it usually is with YouTubers and streamers who get their skins. However, it is known that Neymar is a completely different level.

What exactly was Neymar saying? Thanks to the translators, we can find out what the footballer told the players and what his feelings were after seeing the skin:

“These skins are amazing, I like them a lot, they really look like me. They even have my” Sshhh “celebration, I really enjoyed it. Now let’s see for the second video they sent me. I haven’t watched it yet, so you can see it from me for the first time.

Great, I like it a lot, thank you Fortnite for your interest and for being able to be part of the game and the world I really like. I hope that people playing Fortnite will also enjoy and use this skin. See you in the game, players.”

The fact that Neymar plays Fortnite is no secret. He likes Epic’s Battle Royale as well as other productions such as CS:GO. Although he has relatively little time to play, his Twitch channel is watched by nearly 1.3 million people.

There was a lot of talk about Neymar not really matching Fortnite. At least as far as the secret skin is concerned. After these few days, it’s still hard to see what the community itself thinks about it.

As for the additional promotion for Fortnite, this event made total sense. If we take into account only the theme of the season – “wildness”, then it doesn’t really fit together.