How do I claim this free style for a new Fortnite skin? Only for few players

Epic has released a new skin, winking at a specific group of players.

Epic no longer releases cosmetic items specifically for Twitch Prime but continues to openly collaborate with various platforms that provide additional cosmetic items.

An example of this was, among others, Kratos. For the skin that was released a few months ago, you could also win an exclusive style. You only needed to play on the proper platform. This time it is the same.

An additional free style for Aloy

Today, Aloy, a skin created in cooperation with Horizon Zero Dawn, came to the store. Probably some remember that the leaks had a dedicated style and it seems that the information from leakers proved to be the best.

The problem, however, is that this style is exclusive to PlayStation 5 owners only. You need to buy a skin and the style will be added to the cabinet automatically.

Of course, the skin itself is not free, which is worth emphasizing here. All of this works exactly as it does with Kratos.