How do off-road tires work in Fortnite? How to get them, how to put them on?

As announced, off-road tires have come to the game.

The servers are up and running so we can check out what has been added to the game. Of course, one of the most important changes is the addition of new off-road tires. Accordingly, the following trailer was posted on the official Fortnite channel:

How exactly does it work? Very simply, we find tires on the ground and install them during the game.

Tires in Fortnite

Contrary to all assumptions, tires can be found on the ground during a game. They do not need to be specially installed in the lobby. Just pick it up, aim it at the vehicle and it’s ready.

Thanks to this, the car is higher, it can move more efficiently on hills or in water. If you have the option of using them, do it. It’s worth it.

The tires are rare gray, so they spawn very often. At this point, however, it is not known if they have regular spawn sites. There is a chance, but the servers have only recently been restarted, so unfortunately you have to wait for a possible map.