How Fortnite players troll others, wasting several dozen minutes “he betrayed us”

There is a troll plague in Fortnite, all because of the new game mode. “

The new Fortnite mode is a breath of fresh air. Impossible Escape actually plays with the Battle Royale formula and presents something new. It is very possible that this is a foretaste of similar game modes and some general changes to the BR core itself.

Regardless of whether something is really up or not, or maybe it’s just one of the developers’ ideas that was implemented just like that without much plan, a lot of trolls appeared in Fortnite.

How to waste someone’s entire game?

As part of the Impossible Escape mode, you can get an umbrella, so a lot of people check what’s up. To claim this cosmetic item, you simply have to win. Theoretically, it is not particularly difficult, practically even the “allies” make it difficult.

A Reddit user with the nickname “ThatOneWooper” told about his case by writing:

“Throughout the game, he said how badly he wanted an umbrella. In the end, he just betrayed us.”

What exactly happened?

As we read, the player left the squad just before winning, returned to being “solo” and eliminated everyone, winning alone. Well, a devilish plan, but it works. More and more people are using it, so it’s possible that Epic will soon introduce some additional restrictions, such as the inability to change the status of the squad during a helicopter flight.