How much does it take to get these free Fortnite items? What’s the best way to get them?

There is an event in Fortnite in which you can unlock several free cosmetics. How?

Yesterday we informed that the reboot your friends event is coming back to Fortnite. Few, however, read that you do not need to know people who have not played for at least 30 days. This can be done with anyone we have on our friends’ list.

It will take longer, but it is not impossible. How much then do you have to play and how this translates into points?

How many points for each item and how to get them?

You get 100 points for playing with a “rebooted” friend. For playing with the regular one, only 10. This means that you will just have to play more to get what you want.

  • Spray – 100 points – 10 matches with a regular friend
  • Wrap – 200 punktów – 20 meczów ze zwykłym znajomym
  • Glider – 300 points – 30 matches with a regular friend
  • Pickaxe – 400 points – 40 matches with a regular friend

You get the rewards in this order specifically, they cannot be skipped or won in any other way. Are they worth it? Certainly yes, if you play with your friends anyway. These items are unlikely to be particularly rare, as they will end up in the store.

“The rewards that are a part of Reboot a Friend between April 6 and April 27 have never been released before. However, at some point, they may be available for purchase.”

It’s best to find a person who hasn’t played for a long time, but as you know, it’s not that easy to convince them to come back.