How to claim 6 free Fortnite items? Store changes and special items made available

At 10 a.m. EDT yesterday, the Fortnite store changed. Free items, which we wrote about in the morning, appeared in it.

Although “Pride Month” took place a month ago, Epic has decided to add rainbow items only now. They were not announced in any way, they are a complete surprise. As predicted, Epic decided to make them available for free.

Riot did exactly the same, so free rainbow items aren’t some amazing thing. Recently, many games are sharing to show their support. It is worth mentioning that Fortnite still has problems with working properly.

Rainbow items for free

To pick up items, just go to the store and “buy” them. Let us remind you that you will go through the entire purchase process anyway, i.e. you will receive a confirmation e-mail, etc. It’s just that the amounts will be $ 0.

These items have evoked a lot of emotions as a standard, but there is probably no great reason for this. Whoever wants to, will use them, whoever does not will simply skip.