How to easily complete the Fortnite Cosmic Summer challenges and get free rewards?

Today, Fortnite introduces new challenges as part of the Cosmic Summer event.

Today, you can unlock several free Fortnite items, all as part of the ongoing event – Cosmic Summer.

  • Deal damage to players in Bios Zone Wars Trio,
  • Get headshot eliminations in Bios Zone Wars Trio,
  • Gain Health or Apply Shields in Bios Zone Wars Trio,
  • Assist teammates with eliminations in Bios Zone Wars Trio,

If you are having trouble with these challenges, there is a way to do it. You don’t have to play “normals” at all, you can enter the creative mode.

How to easily do these challenges?

All challenges in this event count in Creative, so you can complete them with your friends or even your secondary account – as most do at the moment.

Code for a map that will help you complete the challenges:


If you don’t want to bother in public lobbies, this way is the best right now. A lot of people say this is a bug, but probably not. It’s doubtful that Epic will disable the ability to complete Challenges in Creative, but you never know.