How to get a free “QWERTY Axe” pickaxe in Fortnite? You have to complete these challenges

Epic has gone crazy when it comes to free items. By entering the game now, you will receive information about new challenges.

There are new challenges in Fortnite as part of the creative mode. From August 31 to September 8, you will be able to earn all sorts of rewards. Of course, the most interesting thing is not the experience points, but the pickaxe.

This confirms our information that this pickaxe will be for free. In fact, it can be obtained without spending any money.

“Running August 31 – September 8, 2021, players can play Creative LTMs to earn rewards! All the LTMs (and their Quests) will become available sequentially over the course of the event – remaining available through the end date.”

What to do and how to do it?

It will be rather hard to miss these challenges. You just have to do them one by one.

Everything is based on periodic modes here:

  • Red vs Blue Rumble
  • Prison breakout
  • Finest’s REalistic (2v2)
  • Wildlands
  • Red vs Blue Lava

Each LTM will offer three unique quests that players can complete towards unlocking several rewards that include a banner, the On the Rise Emoticon, the Drooly Spray, a Wavebreaker weapon wrap, and the Qwerty Axe! Players will need to complete nine out of the 15 total quests to unlock all of the rewards.