How to get free Fortnite wrap? The number of places is limited, so hurry up

Epic has launched a new Community Event with a few cosmetic items for pick up.

It’s worth your hurry because there are only 5 million places. Surely you know all those social events where you have to play to earn rewards. It’s the same here. There are three things you can get in total:

Of course, the most interesting thing is the last prize, which is a green wrap. What is it all about?

How to pick get this wrap?

First of all, you go to a specific page where you join the entire action. It’s all about playing the new mode. You have a total of 11 days to collect all the badges.

This is the official site, so don’t be afraid. You join the game and earn badges. For every 2 games played in Impostor mode you get one badge.

Your progress and all the necessary information are shown on the website. It is definitely one of the most understandable events of this type. You just have to play.

It is not known whether the wrap will be in the store later. It is worth mentioning that it is active, which was perfectly presented by Fortnite Tracker: