How to get this free Fortnite backpack? It is enough to watch the matches

In connection with the launch of the FNCS, players can now receive additional cosmetic items.

The FNCS games have already started, so there is a chance to get additional items in the form of, for example, a backpack. To get it, watch the official Fortnite broadcast of the tournament for 15-30 minutes.

Of course, everyone knows by now that you need to link your Twitch account to your Epic Games account. The whole thing functions as drops.

Free Fortnite Backpack

At the moment, although the reward is received, it is not possible to use the backpack in the game. Maybe it’s some kind of delay in its delivery, or maybe it’s just not in the files yet and will be activated at a later date.

Schedule of the FNCS:

  • Qualification # 1: Middle East – April 22-24. Other regions – April 23-25
  • Qualification # 2: Middle East – April 29 to May 1. Other regions – April 30 to May 2
  • Qualification # 3: Middle East – May 6 to 8. Other regions – from May 7 to 9
    Bye week: May 13-16
  • Semifinals: Middle East – May 21. Other Regions – May 22
  • Reboot Round: Middle East – May 22. Other Regions – May 23
  • Finals: May 27-30

Graffiti and loading screens are also included in the pool of items you can get.

The only thing left to do is watch the official streams, paying attention to the information about drops.