How to get your code for Harley Quinn skin? Technical problems due to great interest

As expected, there are significant technical problems that make it impossible to receive the codes.

In theory, it should all be very simple. If you have purchased comics even via VPN, you run them on the official website:


The problem is, it doesn’t quite work. Actually, not at all. What is known about these codes and when will they appear?

Unable to receive the code

After reading the comic, everyone gets the same summary. Here, click the “Resume Issue 1”. The problem is that although the code was supposed to get to you after 15 minutes, it doesn’t at all. Why is that so?

Official advice is to write directly to Epic Support. Unless the servers suddenly start up and the codes are actually sent to players automatically, that is the only solution.

Now the most common questions:

  • Is it possible to pick up Harley Quinn for free? No, even when using the trial version
  • Is it possible to read the comic for free? Yes, here – CLICK (Imgur gallery)
  • Does this concern me, if I did not do anything about the comic at all? No, if you have not bought anything, you have not messed with a VPN, you have nothing to pick up or gain

The matter will probably be cleared up in the next few hours, but you can see that it arouses a lot of excitement.